A Look Back on Skytop Lodge’s 90-Year History

Jun 26, 2018

Since 1928, Skytop Lodge has been part of history, creating long-established traditions and a lifetime of memories. We are a proud member of Historic Hotels of America since 2000. This year, we celebrate 90 years! As we honor the spirit of elegance and timeless luxury of Skytop Lodge, let’s look back on our 90-year history.

A Grand Idea  

Skytop Lodge was founded in the early 1920s. After everyone came home from World War I, there was a major sense of optimism for the future. This ignited a big idea for four men, John Stubbs, Frederic Smith, Earl Mayne and Sam Packer. With their newfound enthusiasm, they decided what better way to appreciate the natural beauty of the Pocono Mountains than to build a grand resort overlooking it all. Residents were excited by these big plans and they purchased the 2,500 acres of abandoned farm land “high in the Poconos” perfect for a resort and golf course.

Journey to a Premier Family Resort

Another indication of the sanguine spirit of 1925 was the decision to build the golf course first. In fact, a ritzy landscape architect was hired to decide on the perfect location for optimal views from the golf course, resort and gardens. The resort opened in 1928 with architectural features reflective of the ancient stonework surrounding it. The classic silhouette of the Dutch Colonial Revival lodge greeted guests and asserted an atmosphere of elegance.

Efforts to make Skytop Lodge picture-perfect never really stopped. In 1930, Skytop Lake was made bigger with the addition of a new dam. New cottages were built to accommodate families and large groups. The neighboring 2,000 acres of Goose Pond area were acquired, and hiking trails were laid out for guests to discover inner serenity through the beauty of nature.

One with Nature

Surrounded by the natural beauty of mountain lakes, streams and cascading waterfalls, the chosen location of the resort proved to be ideal. The mountain backdrop is picturesque and the surrounding grounds level is free of large trees, which is optimal for outdoor activities. The location laid the groundwork for Skytop Lodge to provide the ultimate playground offering endless opportunities for outdoor adventure, including hiking, swimming, golf, tennis, horseback riding and so much more. Today, Skytop Lodge is known as the Pocono Mountains premier family resort.   

History of Tradition  

The timeless resort still retains a 1920’s atmosphere. Windsor Dining Room is reminiscent of a time when manners and dress code were expected, and diners sat down to starched white table linens. The two card rooms pay homage to a time when Quakers once adhered to strict no-card-playing philosophies. Skytop Lodge was an unrestrictive escape. Despite challenges and resistance throughout its 90-year history, Skytop Lodge’s tradition never wavered. Still today, its elegance and “good manners” are part of what draws people to the resort.  

Cornerstone Celebration

Skytop Lodge continues to invite its guests to enjoy the estate’s incomparable beauty and natural diversity. We couldn’t have done any of this without you being part of our family. With that, we invite you to the Cornerstone Celebration and the unveiling of the time capsule.

The time capsule was laid back in 1928 by Samuel Packer, Skytop’s first General Manager. We will reenact that day along with our current General Manager, Jeff Rudder, and Historian, Claire Gierwatowski. Join us for this historical and memorable celebration.