10 Tips for Trout Fishing in the Poconos

Jun 16, 2017

Fishing is the second most popular outdoor activity in America, next to running. More than 47 million people enjoy casting off in fresh or saltwater each year. Why? Besides the obvious benefit of hooking the star of your BBQ dinner, anglers experience a sort of Zen feeling when setting a rod in a bubbling stream or fitting the perfect lure. Not to mention the adrenaline rush that happens at the first tug of your line.

In the Poconos, more than 120 miles of freshwater river are stocked with brown, rainbow and brook trout. Luckily, our guests don’t have to venture that far. Skytop Lodge boasts a private fishing stream that’s regularly stocked with trout, plus a 75-acre onsite lake that’s home to perch, largemouth bass and other popular sport fish. The varied terrain and cool water provide ideal habitats for trout, making it easy for first-timers and seasoned anglers alike.

Here are a few tips to make your trout fishing experience a snap. We’re catch-and-release, so make sure to return any fish back where you found them.

    1. The less obvious your line, the better. Try an ultralight rod and reel with 2lb test line for your best chance at success.
    2. Look for deep pools where trout tend to gather.
    3. You can use modern lures, traditional lures with a bobber, or live bait such as night crawlers. Trout have decent eyesight though, so keep your lures as natural and unobtrusive as possible.
    4. Stocked trout will bite on scented PowerBait, while naturally occurring fish avoid it.
    5. Larger trout will often bite on silver spoons, if you’re inclined to use this non-traditional lures. Fish over a foot long will generally avoid insect-like bait.
    6. Fly fishing? Cast off at dusk, when fresh new bugs are hatching.
    7. Trout love to find shady hiding places. Look for fish near fallen logs or rock outcroppings.
    8. Speaking of shade, be especially aware of your position on sunny days. Trout tend to avoid predators (yes, that’s you!) casting large shadows.
    9. The ideal water temperature for trout is 50-60 degrees. Plan your fishing trip accordingly, as higher or near-freezing temperatures will decrease the number of active trout. 
    10. Each year, 28 million anglers purchase a fishing license. Make sure you have a Pennsylvania state fishing license in hand before you cast off.

The regular trout season in the Poconos runs from April 15 through Labor Day, with catch limits of five trout per day. Most trout species weigh in between one and five pounds; small enough to catch without help. If you have questions about fishing during your stay at Skytop Lodge, or would like to book a 3-hour fly fishing tour, contact us today.