Two people playing arrow tag

Welcome to Arrow Tag

If you haven’t heard of Arrow Tag, it’s an outdoor, action-packed game that’s similar to dodgeball, but played with bows and foam-tipped arrows. If this sounds like a fun activity that you’d like to try with the family, you’ve come to the right place, because Skytop is the only destination to offer Arrow Tag in the Northeast.

Rates: $20 Per Person, Per Hour

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Two people playing arrow tag

How to Play

Arrow Tag

Your group will be split into two teams. Each team battles to be the first team to knock out all the centers of their opposing team’s 5-spot target. Inflatable bunkers on both sides of the field add to the challenge of the game as players try to tag other players out with the arrows.

The game ends in one of three ways:

  1. All of an opposing team’s members have been tagged out.
  2. All the 5-spots have been eliminated on an opponent’s target.
  3. Time’s up! If the game ends because the time frame has expired, then the team with the least amount of center spots knocked out wins.
Group of people playing Archery Tag in a field
Someone playing arrow tag next to an obstacle

Arrow Tag

Safety Guidelines

Someone playing arrow tag next to an obstacle

A game with bows and arrows might sound a little too similar to The Hunger Games, but our patented “non-lethal” foam-tipped arrows look like big marshmallows! Additionally, the bunkers used to take cover from the opposing team are inflatable.

  • Only Arrow Tag arrows are permitted
  • Must use traditional-style bow
  • Bow must have 28-pound draw weight or lighter
  • Must be 8 years old to play

Ready to Play?

Frequently Asked Questions

Arrow Tag is open for play in the summer, spring and fall seasons, which are all ideal times to visit Skytop Lodge for some outdoor adventure.

There’s no set number of arrows per game. As you play, you’ll pick up more as they are fired back and forth.

You’ll want to be able to move freely so please dress in comfortable active wear.

You may cancel or make any changes until 2 hours prior to your reservation or you will be charged the full amount.

We need a minimum of 6 people signed up in a session to run a game.