Axe Throwing

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Axe Throwing is Quickly Becoming America’s #1 Pastime!

Expert Axe Throwing Coaches are on hand to teach you the ropes, ensure safety and run games/competitions during the experience. For the sport of Axe Throwing a “lane” is the space with side-by-side targets. There are two targets with fencing surrounding each lane. Two throwers can simultaneously throw axes safely, as the area is well-defined and separated from anyone not in the throwing area. Axe Throwing is most fun when you have lots of people engaged and watching! Each of our lanes can accommodate up to six people per half hour. This ensures everyone gets all the throwing time they want! Please arrive 10 minutes early to fill out waivers.

Have more than 10 people in your group? Let us know and we’ll set you up with a private lane.


14+ with parent/guardian signature

Location for Rentals

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Rental Prices

1-hour session – $30per person


Rain or shine. Close-toed shoes are required. 2-hour cancellation policy in effect.

woman getting ready to throw an axe at a target woman getting ready to throw an axe at a target