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Wine Pairing Dinner

On December 12th Skytop Lodge will be hosting the ultimate food and wine pairing experience. The evening will begin at 4:00 pm with an interactive blending session where yourself and critically acclaimed Rodney Strong’s Justin Seidenfeld, one of the 3 Rodney Strong wine makers & East Coast Vice President will mix and create expert unique blends catered to your taste. We know that good food and good wine coincide., when properly paired wine and food have the ability to enhance each other’s flavors, making them more pronounced and making the entire taste experience a more enjoyable one. Following the Seminar, Executive Chef Rich Beichner will be creating an exquisite dinner to be paired with your wine while Jim Waltich, a Jazz Pianist plays seamlessly in the background.

About Rodney Strong

(information from rodneystrong.com)

Our story begins more than 50 years ago, when a celebrated American dancer named Rodney Strong settled in Sonoma County to pursue a second lifelong creative passion: wine making. Rodney Strong was one of the pioneers of Sonoma County’s modern wine industry, an acknowledged visionary who understood the potential that Sonoma County’s soil and climate held for producing world-class wines. Rodney Strong Vineyards was the 13th winery bonded in the newly discovered Sonoma County wine industry. Through the years, Rodney Strong Vineyards has earned the reputation for critically acclaimed Single Vineyard and Reserve wines, stand out Estate releases and best-in-class Sonoma County varietal wines.