Skytop Is Your Cure For Winter Cabin Fever

January 9, 2017

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February is the time of cabin fever – when the excitement of winter has worn off and people are itching to get out of the house, dreaming of spring. Here in the Poconos, however, the talented and creative team at Sculpted Ice Works put together the perfect cure for cabin fever: An annual ice festival they’ve dubbed, Crystal Cabin Fever.

Crystal Cabin Fever Festival

What began with a life-sized cabin made of ice in 2006 has transformed into a three-week long festival that requires approximately 100 tons of ice. This year, Crystal Cabin Fever celebrates its 11th year with the theme, “Once Upon a Time.” Visitors can check out spectacular ice sculptures of fairytale creatures, castles, Jack & the Beanstalk, and more. In addition to decorative sculptures, massive ice blocks have been stacked and arranged to create a 50-foot ice slide for a chilly thrill ride.

Keep Warm While Enjoying The Cold

In order to keep all that ice from thawing, the venue has to stay very cold. So cold, in fact, that visitors are encouraged to wear snow pants, parkas, and the like. While visiting, you can warm up next to the fire pit with a cup of hot chocolate. Additionally, there’s BBQ food and a wine tasting available. All Crystal Cabin Fever tickets include a factory tour and admission to the Natural Ice History Museum onsite. Learn about the once booming industry of natural lake ice harvesting in the Pocono Mountains.

Making Your February Fun

Crystal Cabin Fever 2017 will be held from February 3rd through February 26th at Sculpted Ice Works in Lakeville, approximately 30 minutes south of Skytop Lodge. The convenient location makes it easy to return to Skytop Lodge in time for a delectable meal in the Windsor Dining Room. You could even coordinate your stay with our February Dinner and Libations night on Saturday, February 11 or a wonderful weekend at Skytop. 

Stave off cabin fever this February with a stay at Skytop Lodge and Crystal Cabin Fever. Come see why thousands of people have made checking out this ice sculpture festival an annual tradition. For more information about the festival, check out the Crystal Cabin Fever website. To book your February stay at Skytop Lodge, contact us today

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