Tips to Make Your Hotel Stay Even More Romantic

February 8, 2018

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For couples, a night away at a luxurious hotel is a way to enjoy instant romance. However, there are ways that you can enhance the experience for that special someone in your life. At Skytop Lodge, we offer additional amenities as well as customized in-room services to make your stay as romantic as possible. 

Tips to Make Your Hotel Stay Even More Romantic

  • Contact the concierge to arrange for a special surprise in your room upon arrival. At the Skytop Lodge, we offer pre-arrival concierge services that can be customized to meet your needs and expectations. You can arrange to have strawberries and champagne waiting in your room, or we can place a bouquet of fresh flowers with a special love note. Simply contact us prior to arriving for your trip, and we’ll make the magic happen.
  • Book a fine dining experience that is on location. A candlelit dinner has always been the epitome of romance, but it can sometimes be cumbersome to trek away from hotel into town in order to make your reservations at the local steakhouse. Instead of venturing away from your hotel, opt for a fine dining experience that is available right there. At Skytop Lodge, you can enjoy breathtaking lakefront views with the special someone in your life at our Lakeview Dining Room. In addition, we offer the classic Windsor Dining Room which features local cuisine.
  • Pack your bag with romance in mind. USA Today notes that what you bring along with you can also determine the level of romance that you achieve while away. Lingerie, robes, bubble bath and other luxurious items can help you and your partner maximize the romance during your hotel stay. 
  • Schedule a spa treatment for two. When you are completely relaxed, you are more likely to be ready for a romantic evening together. At the Skytop Lodge, we offer a variety of massage styles and spa treatments that are perfect for couples looking to reconnect with each other while rejuvenating their own mind and spirit.

Skytop Lodge is dedicated to providing all of its guests with the experience that they both crave and deserve. If you are looking for a private escape that includes romantic indulgences, then you have come to the right place. Contact us at the Skytop Lodge today for more information on how we can enhance your stay.

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