White Birch Trail and Pine Trail

Level: (Both) Easy

These two little-used trails are actually meant to be connections between some of Skytop’s most popular trails. The White Birch Trail begins at Goose Pond Road, just beyond the locked gate about a half mile from Route 390. It leads through young mixed oak forests and then along the edge of a white pine plantation, where the short Pine Trail runs downhill through pines to Route 390 a short distance south of the Trout Stream parking lot. The White Birch Trail then continues to its end at the junction of the Trout Stream and Skytop Mountain trails, where the hiker can then go either up the mountain to the vistas or up the stream to Indian Ladder Falls. The Pine Trail is a great place to look for owls (great horned, barred, saw-whet) and has a small pond where spring amphibians breed.