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Put your team on the track to success at Skytop Lodge with great teambuilding activities. Choose the best path to success with these fun and challenging activities!  CLICK HERE to view our Team Building Guide.

Teambuilding at The Adventure Center at Skytop Lodge

Corporate Scavenger Hunt

Teams will compete against one another in 3 different areas:

Collecting Items: Each team would be given a list of items to find
Example: Golf pencil, business card, spa brochure, etc.
Places to go: Each group must use clues to find letters scattered around the Lodge. When all the letters are discovered they will need to unscramble to form a key word or phrase.
Example Clue: “A Target for Robin Hood” Go to the archery range.
Trivia Questions: Each group would also need to try to solve some trivia questions as they are collecting items & finding letters.
Example Questions: “How many quarts of cream does Skytop use in 1 year?” Or “How many sides are on the white gazebo?”

These questions could also be provided by the company to make the trivia questions about your products or services.

Chili Cook-Off

For larger groups and smaller groups alike, how about a chili cook-off? Your group is divided into smaller teams and each team is given the same ingredients. You must work together to come up with a tasty mixture. Your chili will then be judged by a panel of Skytop Chefs and the best concoction wins!

Culinary Experience

Come and experience working with your colleagues in a professional kitchen with state-of-the-art equipment. This event can be tailored to any size group or time limitations.

Cake Decorating Competition

Gather your spatulas & icing and work together as a team to design and decorate a cake. Utilize the theme of your meeting (or a product) and incorporate it into this event. Create your own culinary masterpieces under the direction of our Pastry Staff. Your group is divided into teams and given a plain cake and the appropriate tools to create your masterpiece.

Skytop Boat Building

Work together as a team to not only build your own boat, but to make it float with your team members. Here is how we do it:

Building supplies and Materials will be provided to each team along with a flip chart & markers. We recommend teams of 5-10 people.
Each group needs to think strategy and planning. 20 minutes will be given to review the materials provided, organize thoughts and draw out the game
plan on the flip chart.
The second stage of the event is the building process. Each team will be given 45 minutes to construct the boat using only the materials provided. The group cannot test the boat in the water!
The third and final step is to test the boats. One at a time each group will enter the water on the boat that they built. The boat must float with at least 2 team
members fully on the boat!

Gather after the event to reflect and review. What were the best boat building techniques? How important is it to work together? Does thinking ahead
and planning provide you with the best results?
This is all for you and your team members to find out!

Veg-Box Derby

Teams are assigned and asked to come up with a team name and flag. While teams are coming up with their team name and flag, we bring in a table full of all kinds of vegetables. Once names and flags are finished, each team has 1 minute collectively to grab whatever vegetables they think they will need to build a vegetable derby vehicle. They are then given 1 additional minute to barter with other teams for some or one of their items. The teams then begin to build their race car. Teams will be given 20 minutes to build their race cars. There will be a chance to test the cars on the track and make modifications to them. Once the racing begins it is single elimination rounds until we have a winner. The approximate time needed for this is 1-2 hours.

Silly Corporate Olympics

Fun and games you remember from your childhood summer picnics. Three legged races, sack races, tug of war, dizzy bat spin, just to name a few, can put your team through their paces. Find out who has the competitive edge and the best sense of humor. We can customize this event to incorporate props and ideas from your workplace. A great way to laugh, unwind and build your company’s team spirit at the same time.

Rock Climbing Wall

Take your experience to a higher level on our rock climbing wall. We feature a custom built, 30-foot wall with a real rock look and feel, eight stations from beginner to very advanced, and over 300 removable handholds, plus all the equipment and training you need to make it a top-notch experience.

Introduction to Kayaking

Learn the basics of kayaking and make a splash in our cool lake, including safety, boat design, basic strokes, turning, bracing and art of wet exit.

Geo-Caching and GPS Basics

Explore the basics of navigating with a Global Positioning Satellite (GPS). Discover the delights of geocaching, as you use your new skills to find one of Skytop’s hidden caches using one of our state-of-the-art GPS units.

Mountain Biking

Shift gears and learn how to conquer an array of challenges, including rock gardens, bridges, drops and banked turns. You’re welcome to use our new Trek mountain bikes or your own. Gear up for a real mountain biking adventure. Join us for an exciting, physical trail ride that takes you around the West Mountain and both on and off the West Rim Trail. We’ll show you some of the best views at Skytop, ride the groomed trail, then go off-trail and challenge your skills on a variety of obstacles.

Wilderness Skills Class

Learn about edible plants and wilderness danger, as well as how to use a map and compass, build fires and make emergency shelters.


Featuring a variety of terrain, including wooded areas, our fields are the perfect place to fire up your conquering spirit.

Laser Tag

Skytop Lodge has added the new Barracuda Laser Tag system and partnered with Predator Games to offer a new high tech adventure. We will now be able to offer indoor laser tag year round. We will use the pavilion for an indoor for a weather protected fun experience. Our indoor laser arena will consist of inflatable bunkers that are shaped like crates, oil drums, logs, walls and even an army tank. A fog machine and music sound track to help get the blood pumping will round out some of our new features. Laser tag will be open to all players between 6 and 106 and can be reserved in one hour blocks for with a maximum of 12 players per hour.

TreeTop Adventure Course

Unleash your inner monkey on Skytop’s new TreeTop Adventure Course! Soar the treetops nestled in Skytop’s 5500 acre Pocono Mountain estate. The course is securely suspended 10 to 50 feet off the ground with a total course length of over 3,000 feet!

Wilderness Challenge

Break into teams of no more than 7 and elect a person from each team to scale the rock climbing wall (timed) and retrieve their bag of goodies. Once they get down then they share with their teams the contents.

Fire making supplies
GPS navigational unit and coordinates (if Geo-caching)

Bag of paintballs

Your first task after climbing is to build a fire using the supplies give as well as supplies that you will find in the general area. The fire will need to be built to a height that will burn through a rope that has been set up buy the staff (also timed).
Once your rope has been burnt through, teams will then proceed to the geo-caching phase if applicable. Once the teams have found all of their locations and bought back the codes they have found we will score each team based on how many they have found and how long they took to find the codes.

The last phase is the paintball target shoot. Each team will get a set number of paintballs and will engage targets at different distances for different point values. Scoring is done based on the number of targets hit but this is not a timed event.
This event takes between 3 and 3 ½ hours and can be modified for shorter durations or made more or less physically demanding if the group so chooses.


Tired of meeting in a cramped office filled with noise, office machines and artificial light?

Consider a “Walk and Talk” meeting at Skytop Lodge.

Studies have shown that getting out of the office and into fresh air promotes creativity, and what better place to walk, talk, and recharge than in our stunning 5500 acre woods.

To discuss hosting a meeting in our great outdoors, please call 570-595-8930.