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Nature Month

Date: 09/02/2016 -
Location: Skytop Lodge

Weekend of September 2-4

“Wild About Photography”

Presented by world-renowned wildlife photographer Len Rue. Learning from the best is the best way to enhance your photography skills and knowledge. Join Len on his outdoor workshops which might include waterfall photography, nature photography, landscape photography, sunset photography, structure and artistic photography, indoor lectures, PowerPoint presentations, digital photo processing and enhancement, and photo critique.

Note: This is a very popular program so the outdoor workshops will need prior reservations.


Weekend of September 9-11

“For Heavens Snakes!”

Join Skytop’s Naturalist Rick Koval on an Outdoor Snake Safari to search for a variety of wild snakes that inhabit some of Skytop’s most remote wilderness areas. Enjoy and learn about snakes during Rick’s Live Snake Show with his collection of native snakes found throughout the Pocono Mountains. Rick will also demonstrate how he safely handles venomous snakes.

“Exotic Snakes From Around The World”

Enjoy a special evening presentation by Dave Koval, who will showcase his collection of colorful and unique exotic snakes found throughout the world  – a must-see event!


Weekend of September 16-18

“Mammals & Monarchs”

“Woodland Mammal Adventure”

Join Skytop Naturalist, Rick Koval, on a Wild Mammal Research Adventure, where you can assist and help check live animal traps and bait stations that will be strategically placed throughout Skytop’s unique and pristine habitats. Learn how to identify secretive mammals by their tracks as well as other clues. All animals will be correctly identified, studied and released at their point of capture.

“Monarch Release”

Learn, partake and experience the “Flight of the Monarch” as Skytop Lodge will release all of our captive breed monarchs, and wave goodbye as they flutter away onto their long-distance southern journey to Mexico.

“Live Mammal Show”

Don’t miss this special Saturday evening show presented by Angie Colarusso from Second Chance Wildlife Center. Angie will showcase a variety of orphaned and rescued wild animals including a raccoon, flying squirrel, porcupine, opossum and other. Another must-see event!


Weekend of September 23-25

“Survival of the Fittest”