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Skytop Lodge is an official licensee of Archery Tag – the only place in the North East to play!
 Click here or call 570-595-8988 for reservations and availability.  Ages 8 and up can play – family friendly. $20 per person, per hour.

What is Archery Tag®?

Archery Tag is best described as dodge-ball with bows and arrows!  Our patented “non-lethal” foam-tipped arrows look like big marshmallows!  This exciting, action-packed game offers the ultimate safe, family-friendly experience that engages the whole family.

Two teams battle to be the first team to knock out all the centers of their opposing team’s 5-spot target. Our inflatable bunkers on both sides of the field add to the challenge of the game as players strategically move between them while trying to tag other players out with the arrows. The game ends in one of 3 ways: all of an opposing team’s members have been tagged out, all the 5-spots have been eliminated on an opponent’s target, or a set time limit has passed. If the game ends because the time frame has expired, then the team with the least amount of center- spots knocked out wins.

Is it Safe?
Archery Tag® Arrows should be used only with a traditional-style bow (longbow or recurve) with a maximum of 28-pound draw weight or lighter, and will in no way be used in any other type of bow (compound bow, crossbow, etc.). Failure to adhere to these rules can result in equipment damage and/or personal injury.