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Discover an uplifting array of activities with your friends and family, from a 33- foot rock climbing wall with six faces of varying levels of challenge, to our Old Western Town paintball course, featuring everything you need for extreme thrills. Soar through the treetop zipline challenge course.

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Come Live the Adventure with these thrilling adventures:


ziplineOur three hour Treetop Adventure Course is just over 3,000 feet in its entirety with varying obstacles including, but not limited to, elevated bridgeways from one tree platform to the next, logs hanging from ropes to walk across, ladders, a cargo net, and a total of seven different ziplines. Participants must be able to reach with their hands above their head to a height of 5’11” standing flat-footed on the ground and must have a waist size less than 41 inches. Waivers and harnessing must be taken care of before your departure. It is advised to be at least 30 minutes prior to your reservation to ensure you leave on time. Be sure to also bring hair ties for longer hair and to wear weather appropriate clothing. This includes footwear. Closed toe shoes only.

Reservations are required and must be made in advance. Our first group departs with Adventure Center at 9:00 am every morning and every half an hour afterward. It is $45 on weekdays and $50 on weekends and is not included in your room rate unless you are apart of a specific package.



paintballPaintball is offered twice a day. Each session is run for up to three hours on three different playing fields. The first field is a woodsball field where marksmen (and markswomen) hide behind trees and bunkers made out of fallen trees, branches, and logs. The second field is the “Junkyard Field” and has plastic barrels, pallets, and rocks to hide behind with craters to jump and duck into. The third field is a western styled field where three sets of buildings face each other and participants battle it out western style. Paintball referees will accompany the group to ensure safety and fair play.

Be sure to arrive at least 20 minutes early to complete waivers and receive your equipment. Closed toe shoes are required and full length pants are usually best to wear but are not required. Paint will not stain clothes and washes out. Every participant must be at least ten years of age. Paintball is not included in any of Skytop Lodge’s packages and comes at a separate charge. Regular cost is $60 plus tax per person and includes 500 paintballs, gun rental, mask rental, chest protector rental, pod pack rental, and referee fees. Group rate for 15 or more paying guests is $50 per person plus tax. For an additional $10 you may purchase camalls; a camouflage painter’s suit to protect your clothes.

If you have younger ones or are unable to do the full three hour session, we also have our Paintball Target Range. Paintballs are sold in groups of 100 at $15 and 200 at $27. Reservations are not required for the Paintball Target Range and there is no minimum age to participate.



Our 33-foot climbing wall, with real rock look and feel, features six different sides of difficulty ranging from beginner to advanced challenges. Climbing sessions start every hour on the hour for an hour and closed-toe shoes are required. Each climber is belayed and instructed by a member of the Adventure Center Staff. Be sure to arrive ten minutes early to complete liability waivers and get fitted for harnesses.

There is no minimum age for Climbing. Reservations are required. The price to climb the rock wall is $15 per person and is not included in your room rate unless you are a part of a specific package. The only package to include climbing is the Family Fun Package.