Young Adventurers Club

Sometimes it’s hard to tell who loves Skytop more. Adults who come here time and time again, or kids who come once and never want to leave.

Skytop Young Adventurers Club (formerly the Skytop Ambassadors Club)  is a way to welcome the children and deliver unique experiences and rewards tailored just for them.
Membership opens the door for kids to enjoy special activities, recreation and opportunities to interact with children their own ages — a great way to build new friends while they’re at Skytop. The Adventurer Club also gives parents some time to themselves, while their children discover important skills like etiquette, dining and sportsmanship.
When a child is registered for the Young Adventurers Club they receive a passport and lapel pin, so staff members know our new "Adventurers" and extend the “royal treatment.” Three age groups are available, 4-7, 8-11, or 12-14, with activities tailored to each age group. For every activity a member completes, he or she receives a stamp in their passport, and once their passport is filled with stamps, members can turn it in to receive a special souvenir.

Guests can register their children at the time of arrival.